Antibes Custom-Built Yacht

This custom-built yacht - a first for Eric Kuster - was designed in partnership with luxury yacht building firm Ferretti. The initial difference between boat and building that struck Kuster as he conceived the design was how much more luxurious every finish could be on a boat. Whereas on land, walls might be plastered and painted, here the designer was able to contrast high-gloss plastics with liberal dashes of leather, stone, woods and metals.

As the main living room of a pleasure cruiser like this one is the deck, attention was focused on making this open-air space as plush and comfortable as possible. This carries through to the adjoining indoor lounge, which maintains the brightness of the deck with its pale palette, only accented by bronze accessories. These in turn, reference the masculine palette that extends downstairs into the master bedroom. And the ambience gets moodier still as you continue to the bar area, where purple velvets collide with backlit onyx to create the perfect afterhours den.

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