The Netherlands Lakeside Villa

The owners love the water, sailing and swimming whenever they can, so it makes sense that they should settle in this area of the Netherlands known for its numerous lakes. The modern architectural style of the house, with its use of angles and generous proportions, was designed to maximize views of the lake beyond the villa’s extensive gardens.

Kuster’s interior designs emphasize the architectural geometry and focus on perspective. Every element has been considered with this in mind, using a mix of straight clean lines and strategically placed curved structures and accessories. The façade’s impressive symmetry has been maintained internally through the positioning of furniture and general layout. The palette is a clean mix of grey, taupe and metallic hues, which reflect the sunlight that streams through the vast windows. Decorative items bring the beauty of nature inside. In areas where comfort is the main focus, layers of soft textiles and accessories have been used to soften the architecture’s acute angles.