The Netherlands Countryside Villa

Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury collaborated with Kabaz Architects on this exquisite residential project in the Netherlands. The period villa was completely rebuilt and renovated for its owner, who requested dangerously glamorous styling that wouldn’t look out of place in mobster movie The Godfather. To achieve this, Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury brought together their interior design prowess and beautiful furniture in one incredible concept.

Solid materials, such as marble and steel sit alongside sumptuous velvets and deep rugs. This juxtaposition of masculine sturdiness and feminine chic is continued through the colour palette, which is at once warm and cool, rich and delicate. Shimmering metallic accents of silver and bronze are met with matte blocks of grey, black and cream. The effect is a tonal delight. The true quality of the villa can not only be seen in the overall impression, but also in the detail and special finishes.

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