The Netherlands Countryside Villa

Eric’s brief for this house, the home of a successful fashion designer and his family, was to inject glamour into a jaded interior. “Few things are more inspirational for me than working with great architecture, and this house – designed by Paul Verhey in 1995 – is a really well-thought-out space. One room fl ows into the next, but it’s playful, too: a minimalist cube from the outside, inside it’s full of sinuous lines and curves. Like me, the architect loves contrast – so I certainly think of him as a kindred spirit.”

Some of the house’s integral features, such as its fl oor in a warm, pink-toned marble, dictated Eric’s design direction. “We introduced copper-coloured accessories, like lamps and over-sized vases, throughout the space, to accentuate the fl oor’s colour and add visual warmth. I always pay particular attention to how a home works, and to details such as seating – the comfort factor is vital: people have to be able to relax in their homes.”

The place is full of Kuster hallmarks: chandeliers and opulent satin cushions contrast with slate walls and rough-linen sofas, shutters allow light to gently fi lter into the room. “In the pool area we introduced new mosaic in a glittering black stone, plus we repainted the bamboo cladding. The result – I think – has to be one of the most gorgeous pool areas in Holland.”