The Netherlands Countryside Villa

Lying in the verdant Dutch countryside, this family home is as original as it is beautiful. In contrast to the historic farmhouses that litter the landscape of the northern Netherlands, this villa offers the kind of luxury accommodation that is more regularly associated with international five-star hotels. The holistic resort-style concept was achieved by Kuster in collaboration with a team of top architectural and design experts, and includes a pool with pool-house and a nightclub, as well as more traditional living spaces. Every element of the design was carefully considered in order to fuse bucolic charm with a more metropolitan sense of glamour.

The villa’s architecture, with its high ceilings and vast windows, aims to brings the outdoors in by bathing it in light and offering unparalleled views of the countryside beyond its borders. Sensitive to this, Kuster has used natural materials and a pale natural palette throughout. Textural linen curtains in the bedrooms, a stone-clad wall in the bathroom, and incredible objects from the natural world that have been transformed into decorative works of art adorn the space. This nature-inspired glamour continues to the pool house, offering the ideal hangout for warmer months.

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