The Netherlands City Apartment

This contemporary Amsterdam apartment was handed over to Eric Kuster with the brief that he was to create a luxurious, restrained space for its owners. The result embodies all his signature styles – gloss, lacquer and mirror have been used to maximise the sense of light and space, while the colour palette is drawn from his favourite shades of black, white, rich cream and taupe – tones that can always be relied upon to create an elegant but laid-back feel. Within the living areas, spaces have been decorated in complementary styles to create both formal and relaxed areas. Symmetry is an important component of the look here, with sofas and lamps used in pairs to create a feeling of balance and proportion. A contemporary fi replace creates an understated focus within the more formal living area, while drama is brought to the dining area through use of dark furniture and an oversized pendant lamp. The kitchen, meanwhile, features glossy cabinets in a rich, chocolate brown.

A complete contrast comes via the white tones within the master bedroom, where a wall panel made up of different fi nishes not only echoes the style of the padded leather headboard above the bed, but also brings textural variety to the space. As with every Kuster project, the difference – from bespoke door handles to accessories such as shells and vases – lies in the detail: “Nothing here is random – everything has been selected to provide beauty or comfort or both – and I guess that’s why this home has a particularly relaxed feel,” says Eric Kuster.

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