The Netherlands City Apartment

The owner of this expansive penthouse apartment approached Kuster and his team to develop the entire layout, including all finishes and furniture, so everything you see has the Eric Kuster signature. The project was palatial in both its scope and square footage. Therefore, everything in the home had to take on equally grand proportions, from sofas to tables and televisions to fireplaces. In fact, two large fireplaces encased in glass stretch either side of the HDTV in the main living room, which is decked in masculine shades of grey and silver.

The penthouse sits within a newly built block of luxury apartments. The building has been sympathetically designed to sit alongside the architectural beauty of the castles, palaces and stately homes that dominate the surrounding landscape, close to the River Vecht in the Netherlands. However, when you step over the threshold into the penthouse, you are transported to the here and now. From the contemporary kitchen with its metallic surfaces and white marble flagstone floor, to the high gloss, pure white dressing room, every space and material is uber-modern and imposing in scale.

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