Amsterdam City Apartment

By day, this cavernous apartment in the center of Amsterdam is bathed in sunlight, which streams through its large windows and reflects off the vertiginous mirror that extends from the fireplace in the atrium-like living room. Everything is open or glass-walled, allowing views from one room to the next. This, along with Kuster’s intelligent use of proportion and palette of pale neutral shades, gives a sense of fluidity throughout the space. It combines the most desirable elements of a family house with those of a glamorous urban loft.

Kuster was eager to make the owners’ extensive fine art collection a focal point of the entire interior design concept. With this in mind, he employed a simple palette of gallery white walls and tone-on-tone furniture pieces, allowing the eye to be drawn to the power of the paintings, photography, sculpture and other art that punctuates almost every room. However, where an art gallery might be considered cold, here there is warmth and comfort introduced through layered textiles and unique lighting.

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