Thailand Beach Villa

It says much for the vision of the owners of the plot of land in Phuket on which this house is built that it was ever created. “The land was unprepossessing, with just rubber plants to look at but, with sea on either side, the owner realised that a house here could be stunning and would certainly always enjoy spectacular views.”

Although initial designs had already been completed when Eric Kuster was brought on board, his team worked to extend the layout, creating a huge living space and salon on the ground fl oor with bedrooms downstairs, close to the pool. The living room, with its wenge fl ooring and high ceilings, was designed to maximise the wonderful views, with custom-made furniture throughout the house shipped over from Europe. Understated luxury is the hallmark of the room – witness the little gold-band detailing in the central pilasters, complemented by Kuster’s signature metallic cushions. “We worked with the client to choose colour schemes throughout the house that emphasise its natural setting – a palette of warm, sandy tones, punctuated by chocolate, black and cream,” says Kuster.

The house, with its unusual shaped roof, undoubtedly incorporates elements of Thai design, but Eric Kuster and his client were keen to create a holiday home with an international feel. “One of the many satisfying things about this project,” says Kuster, “is the fact that we’ve created a space that fi ts so well within its surroundings, but isn’t a pastiche of any other architectural styles – it’s simply a beautiful, cosmopolitan holiday home.”

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