Caribbean Beach Villa

This project was a labour of love for its young owners, who’d long been fans of Eric’s style. Having moved from Holland, they gleaned architectural details from their visits to various countries around the world, carefully took photos of the details they loved, then incorporated them into the home that they built for themselves. Having Eric furnish their new home, designed by architect Michael Durgaram, for them turned out to be the icing on the cake. “I was keen to work on this project, not only because the owners were so enthusiastic, but because this is another very cleverly designed house. Internal shutters create a fl exibility of space, louvred walls allow light to fi lter in, and the place is very clearly a ‘natural home’.

Gaps in the roof have been specifi cally left to allow rain to fall on various fl owerbeds, and an infi nity pool stretches from outside the house to within its walls. I particularly like spaces where indoors and outdoors merge,” says Eric. His choice of furnishings and accessories helps to emphasise the open nature of the space – he even went as far as to help the couple select the pebbles that function as a natural ‘rug’ within the kitchen-diner area. Keeping the interior style deliberately understated means that it’s the architecture of the house and the spectacular views towards Table Top Mountain that are the centre of attention here.

Moreover, this project is testament to the fact that both great style and a sense of Zen-like calm can be achieved on a limited budget – sometimes, less really is more.

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