Spain Beach Villa

This house in Marbella, Spain, was built by a client who shares Eric Kuster’s aesthetic values, making the project a particular pleasure to work on. “I loved the house from the moment I saw it,” he says, “every part of it makes a statement, from the high ceilings and vast open spaces to the quality of the workmanship that’s gone into its creation – all the values that are so important to me in my own work.” Introducing a sense of scale and structure was of paramount importance: “You have to get scale just right if you want a home to feel impressive but intimate – fail to do so, and a space will look cold. Similarly, by carefully structuring the room layouts and the way in which spaces fl ow one into another you can make a large house that might have seemed overly rambling appear as a unifi ed whole.”

Specially-designed pieces to complement the space include a coffee table the size of a double bed, oversized chandeliers, a huge smoked-glass fi replace and the owners’ collection of stone Buddhas. What’s clear is that Kuster stuck fi rmly to his client’s brief to use the best of everything, with the result a home that conveys a sense of fi ve-star hotel-like luxury. Meanwhile, by using the same pieces but in complementary neutral shades of browns and greys – furniture in the bedrooms and downstairs, on rugs, for example – a sense of coherence was conveyed.

Given that much of Spanish life is lived outdoors, the garden was a key component of the project. Its pool and terrace, furnished with specially designed pieces, succeed in bringing the indoors out and the outdoors in.

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