Caribbean Beach Villa

Unlike the traditional Curacao home that featured earlier in the book, this house - also on the island - is more Miami villa in its styling. Home to a couple who hail from America and South America, Kuster was keen to emphasize this architectural personality and transport some mainland glamour to the Dutch Caribbean island. Of course, central to this lifestyle is the swimming pool and its surroundings, which in light of the warm climate become a de facto outdoor living room.

The owners were newlyweds when the project was conceived, so Kuster wanted to echo their relationship in the design concept, By tying together the indoor and outdoor spaces with the iconic pop-art work ‘Love’. In its sculptural form, the piece sits on a jetty at the edge of the pool, framed by stunning ocean and mountain views, its red hue creating a stark contrast to the natural azure and green colors beyond. The same typography features in the bedroom in a monochromatic print that complements the all white palette that surrounds it. Downstairs, a dark, seductive cinema room sets the scene for romantic movie nights.

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