Caribbean Beach Villa

This traditional Caribbean home takes open plan living to the next level, with its lack of walls and seamless flow from indoors to outdoors, and from one room to the next. This sense of fluidity also extends beyond the boundaries of the house to its natural surroundings. Exquisite vistas of the sea and onto the mountains beyond create a spectacular ambience when combined with the geometry of the architecture and natural palette of the interiors.

Here, where outdoor living is the norm, the pool becomes a focal point and the spaces around it need to balance function with beauty. Kuster has created a living room that frames the pool and views beyond with clean lines and a marine-inspired palette of blues, greys and taupes. Natural materials and the clients’ collections of local objects, such as shells, corals and pieces of driftwood, enhance the sense that this home is at one with the surrounding landscape; stone floors contrast with raw woods throughout. Everything seems to almost levitate, creating the sense of floating out to sea.

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