The Netherlands Rex Restaurant & Club

The successful entrepreneur-owner of this wonderful art deco building – originally a cinema – wanted to create a bar-restaurant cum nightclub with a difference. The listed building features a magnifi cent steel staircase, as well as original light-fi ttings. Eric’s brief was to take its existing sense of glamour and fun to a new level. The bar exudes quiet opulence, thanks to brown velvet-clad walls, and comfortable corner seating upholstered in bronzed leather. The restaurant, meanwhile, has a library theme with books lining the walls and a mood that’s perfect for conversation. Eric’s capacity for problemsolving is exemplifi ed by the shuttered windows he’s added to this part of the space. In reality, there’s nothing but a dark internal void behind them but, by using natural-looking back lighting, he’s created the illusion that they overlook an outdoor area.

Upstairs in the opulent Spiderman-themed club, purple-velvet clad walls and seating in the VIP area are upholstered in luxurious gold leather. The true show-stopper, though, is the lighting display that entertains nightly visitors. “Over the years, I’ve surrounded myself with a fi rst-class team – I think of them as my family – and that’s one of the reasons we can achieve the sort of things we’ve been able to achieve here. Although I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve visually in Rex’s web-themed light display, I didn’t have the technical skills to achieve it. Consequently, I made sure we were working with someone who did – and the result is a spectacular light show that really is the talk of the town!”

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