The Netherlands Restaurant De Librije

With its three Michelin stars, De Librije is one of the finest―if not the finest―restaurant in the Netherlands. It sets the bar high for food and ambience, offering a truly multi-sensory experience. Encompassing not only a restaurant, but also a hotel, De Librije is located within the walls of the old Zwolle City Prison. Kuster has sympathetically transformed this historic, and somewhat austere setting into a high-end hospitality hotspot.

The main restaurant is situated in what was once the central open-air courtyard of the prison. The functional aesthetic has been maintained, but injected with contemporary beauty and style. A vast vaulted glass ceiling shelters the dining room from the elements, while velvet chairs, leather banquettes and a plush carpet add warmth to what was once an unfriendly place. The restaurant is entered through a lobby area where guests can sip cocktails immersed in a metallic palette, accented with sharp orange details. A sculptural wooden feature wall, tree stump side tables, towering plant life and crocodile skin textiles add a taste of nature that echoes the natural ingredients that go into every De Librije dish.