Koh Samui Nikki Beach Resort

Kuster was tasked with designing the villas and suites at the Nikki Beach resort in Thailand’s Koh Samui, a destination for jet-setting party lovers and sun worshippers. This was one project where he believed it best to source materials and furniture locally in order to enhance the Thai beach holiday experience for guests. This included everything from a bamboo bath tub to natural stone floors. However, also knowing the global nature of the clientele, Kuster injected his signature metropolitan glamour and European design aesthetic through sharp material contrasts and a neutral color scheme.

Not content with designing the accommodation, Kuster also had a hand in the concept of placing an elongated swimming pool - the longest in Thailand - though the center of two rows of villas. This, with its clean lines and sense of perspective, guides the eye and creates the perfect frame for breathtaking sunsets on the horizon beyond.

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