Vienna Goldenes Quartier

Collection Unique Business Centre in Vienna’s “Goldenes Quartier” – a contemporary designer shopping area in the old city – is a very special commercial project. With that in mind, the developers looked no further than Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury for this inimitable interior design concept.

The unique 7 star suite of flexible workspaces has a truly high-end feel, enveloping professionals in a hotel-inspired ambiance of metallic hues and textural contrasts. From the patterned surfaces of the gilded lift interiors, professionals and their clients are welcomed into the warm embrace of a lobby-style reception area with its impressive marble flagstone floors and bronzed shuttered windows that cast opulent shadows across the space.

Relaxing seating areas furnished with the highest quality pieces from Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury Collections punctuate warm and inviting office spaces, meeting rooms and conference suites. Just like the designer shops that neighbour it – from Louis Vuitton to Vivienne Westwood and Prada to Chanel – Collection Unique Business Centre offers fashion forward opulence and sophistication at every turn with modernity and history colliding in the perfect fusion.

This is immersive, experiential luxury at its very best – the true epitome of Metropolitan Luxury!

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