The Netherlands Corporate

“I’ve worked with the entrepreneur who owns this building many times over the years, and in many ways he’s my ideal client. He’s as committed to perfection as I am, knows what he wants and is brimming with enthusiasm and great ideas. He commissioned this award-winning titanium-clad building – full of the sort of interesting curves and angles I love – then charged us with furnishing it,” says Eric. The owner was keen to create a space that gave his employees the ultimate working environment: “He’s thought of everything, from a great staff restaurant, to a gym and sauna – there’s even a Zen room that workers can use to chill out in – and the whole building is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible.” The fi rst challenge was how best to fi ll the vast foyer, and clearly a statement piece was required. “I managed to source two vast wooden anchors from Indonesia, which, when coupled with the tree, immediately give the space a sense of calm,” says Eric.

In the screening area – where staff can watch company presentations – LED lighting behind the bar creates additional interest, while roomy sofas in neutral brown provide luxurious comfort. Meanwhile, in the Zen zone, Eric has taken the curved atrium as his theme, using similarly curved curtain rails, hung with voile, to create relaxation booths.

Says Eric, “This really is a state-of-the-art company in every way – and at its head is a man who realises the impact that a working environment has on staff morale, productivity and – ultimately – the bottom line. It was a privilege to work with him.”

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