Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury Projects
"There are three main ingredients that form the basis of every project we work on. Architecture, location and function. First, I like to look at the architecture of the building and really get a feel for it, whether it’s new or old, commercial or residential. Secondly, the location is super important. For example, a house in Northern Europe will differ from one in Southern Europe, which again will vary greatly with an interior in the Middle East—this is especially true when thinking about materials. And, the third ingredient is always who the client is and what they’re going to use the space for. If residential, will it be a family home, a bachelor pad, or a young person’s hangouts? If commercial, we think about the function of the space and the building and the way in which people will interact with it and others. There is an Eric Kuster signature, but also every project is bespoke like creating a haute couture dress or tailored suit. It has to be the perfect fit."

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