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2016 Interview with Benedetta Dall’Olio, Founder of The Interior’s House

On September 14th The Interior’s House was officially announced as Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury’s UK agent at a packed event at the Michael Reeves Interiors Showroom in London’s Pimlico, which was transformed into an exclusively Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury showroom for the day.

The Interior’s House is a London-based agency run by husband and wife team Benedetta and Matteo. They have a roster of high-end interior design companies on their books and Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury is proud to be among them. After the event, we spoke to Benedetta about the birth of the company, hopes for the future and why she loves working with Eric Kuster.

Tell us about the birth of The Interior’s House. Where did it all start?
The idea came around a year ago. Working as a sales representative for a luxury brand, I witnessed first hand a number of missed opportunities within the high-end interior design projects I was following. Seeing this and having built my knowledge of the market, I thought it was time that we had to do something. My Husband Matteo and I started to curate a selection of interior products based on our own tastes and market needs. We were looking to put something together that customers wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in London. We opened The Interior’s House agency in January 2016 and it was the best move we could have made.

How would you describe The Interior’s House signature style?
There is not a specific style; we just love beautiful things, and a high level of quality of course. I believe that using these criteria to bring different styles and products together is the best solution. It enables us to always find what clients need in every project.

What have been your interior design career highlights so far?
We worked on many projects in different countries. It is always a pleasure to see clients are happy with the service and to see them use our brands in such prestigious residential and contract projects.

What do you dream of for the future of The Interior’s House?

I would like to be the solution provider for all the UK’s best studios. To be the go-to for designers every time they have a project, knowing that we offer a good and quality service. That is what will continue to make us very proud. And beyond that why not open other subsidiaries around the world.

What motivates and inspires you on a day-to-day basis?
We love our job and I like to impart that to the team. We travel, we are part of amazing projects, we visit and speak with new people every day. There are daily new challenges and interactions with fascinating creative people around the world. There is always something new to discover and experiment with. There are no rules and every project offers a fresh start.

Why do you work with the Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury Collections?
I fell in love with the collection as soon as I saw it. The iconic style of Eric's design is visible in every piece with the strong character of the collection makes it unique. Service and quality are also key signatures of the Metropolitan Luxury Collection. All this together, creates the perfect mix!

What in your opinion makes his interior design concept so special?
The person. Eric is an amazing person: passionate about his work and with a superb taste. His experience and class have created a brand that is different from anything else. It is sexy and elegant at the same time.

What would you identify as an Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury ‘icon’ product?
The longues and corner sofas in the Clarence collection.

Do you have a personal message for Eric Kuster and his team?
The Interior's House is proud to represent Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury Collections exclusively in such an important market as the UK. It is always a pleasure to work with you and know that we share the same goals.

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