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2016 Interview Jeroen de Bruijn, Director

Status Living was founded in Rotterdam over eight years ago. It has become known for high quality service and beautiful interior design concepts with some of the most exclusive luxury brands in the world, including Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury. Offering a holistic service, customer journeys start in the showroom and end in the most alluring of spaces, from homes to stores and restaurants to hotels. We spoke to director Jeroen de Bruijn about where it all started and his dreams for the future.

Tell us about the birth of Status Living. Where did it all start?
I started Status Living as a hobby. Interior design has always been a passion of mine and I have always enjoyed visiting interiors fairs and exhibitions. I started my own store in the heart of Rotterdam and slowly built up a huge customer base. After a few years the assignments became bigger and bigger and these projects became the most substantial part of my business. We started the business from our present location in Ridderkerk. By working on an appointment only basis, we were able to offer our customers a truly high quality, bespoke service. Because of this we built a loyal and exclusive customer base, which led to more and more projects. Every time we take one of these projects on, we aim for even higher levels of service.

How would you describe Status Living's personality?
Status Living’s personality is personal, warm, comfortable and welcoming, but always with the highest levels of professionalism. We offer our customers a plan, illustrated with drawings and mood boards. We always listen and take note of our customers wishes. Luxurious residential aesthetics are central to all our concepts for which we take care of the whole package - from paint to curtains and flooring and furniture to fireplaces. We even plan in domotic home automation systems, among other things.

What have been your interior design career highlights so far?
Our interior design highlight also happens to be one of our biggest projects to date. We were asked to renovate and furnish a completely dilapidated warehouse and transform it into the most beautiful menswear store in Rotterdam, named "Porto di Lusso". We have also done numerous houses with gorgeous results.

What would be your dream project?
I would love to design the complete interior for a five-star hotel in a very exclusive location - something like a Four Seasons Hotel.

What motivates and inspires you on a day-to-day basis?
Every single day it is a pure pleasure to be surrounded with the latest and finest furniture and accessories, all with gorgeous colors and beautiful finishes. It is so inspiring to start applying them, combining them, and then feeling and seeing them come together so naturally.

Are you seeing any future trends that you think will have a major impact on the interior design market?
In the interior design market, the trends always rotate around luxurious furniture and change rapidly. People are looking for one of a kind masterpieces and more exclusive items.

Why do you work with the Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury Collections?
Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury is so progressive; a leader in design and trends. It’s the perfect partnership because this is also what Status Living represents. It is pure luxury.

What in your opinion makes his interior design concept so special?
Eric knows how to apply luxury fabrics and furniture to create a complete impression of luxury like no one else. On top of this, his team are always very professional and helpful, making collaboration a joyful experience.

What would you call an Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury ‘icon’ product?
What makes Eric’s work so recognizable are his luxurious combinations. He is the best in the industry at combining elements so that each item is strengthened by the next.

Do you have a personal message to Eric Kuster and his team?
Eric, I hope that for many years to come and with continued passion for this beautiful profession, to make many more amazing projects with the support of you and your dream team.

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