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2016 Interview with Bertram
Beerbaum, Client Director & Managing Director Kabaz Architectural Design

How long have you been working within the world of interior design and architecture?

I started my career in 1996 selling
furniture during my study. I was interested in interior design and architecture
and was trainee for 3 years. I learnt that my talent is to have a creative overview regarding architecture as well as
interior design

How, when and why did you start up Kabaz
Architectural Design?

In 2002 I acquired this company from
its private owner that I had been working for and who had been my teacher for
years. As owner and managing director I felt that my mission was to use my
creativity in order to make people happy, by creating special homes that
reflect their personality.

What kind of projects do you work on?

Our projects are mainly exclusive
private residences for clients who appreciate the energy that the combination
of interior- and exterior design can generate.

What ingredients form the basis of a successful
architectural design concept?

In my opinion every successful architectural
design reflects not only the vision of the creator but also the DNA of the
residents. When combined successfully energies in a design will definitely be experienced,
however hard to describe or to show.

Please tell us about your ‘signature’ design
project so far.

Of course we are proud of all
projects we design and manage to be built and since we are continually growing
as a company, it looks as if almost every
project has something newer, better, more sophisticated than the one before. One of our latest projects is a thatched villa in the Netherlands that
looks rather small from the outside but hides a large basement with swimming
pool, wellness, modern wine cellar and a home cinema/golf simulator.

What is your ‘dream’ design project like?

My dream is to design a luxury private yacht. I think a
lot of ‘modern’ yachts are very traditional in terms of exterior as well as
interior design. I would love to show
that luxury on board does not intrinsically mean you have to use as many shiny
materials and as little straight lines
as possible

What future trends do you see impacting
architectural design?

In my opinion a holistic view on
architecture will create a new style as oriental influences will be very
important. All aspects of design, residents, nature and technique will be equally important when designing a building as every detail is a piece of art on its own but at
the same time it contributes to the overall

How did your partnership with Eric Kuster
Metropolitan Luxury get started?

We were looking for a partner in interior
design and styling who would be able to appreciate our vision on design and surprise us by bringing good vibes to our own architecture
at the same time. For a long time we
worked together with several partners until one of our clients asked us to work with Eric because they loved
his style. I have known Eric for a long time but never imagined that the moment
we would start working together on this project something magical was about to
happen. By the time the project ended, we had already started up two new ones
and we have been working together eversince.

Please tell us about an iconic project in
Verbier with Eric Kuster and his team

A Dutch client of ours bought this Ski-in-Ski-out Chalet on the slopes
of Verbier in Switzerland and asked us to redesign the floorplan and interior
with respect for the typical swiss style of wood flooring, walls and beamed
ceilings. The lay-out was altered by our team in order to meet the needs of the new owner while Eric and his team introduced
fabrics and shaded colors of white, gold
and grey with distinction, in order to “soften” the sturdy architecture.

on the opening of your awesome new Kabaz showroom in The Netherlands, with an Eric
Kuster Metropolitan Luxury shop-in-shop concept.

How did the joint project go?

We started this joint project in an old
garage in the center of the village of Laren in The Netherlands, with a clear
vision together with Eric Kuster and Ronald Cornelissen, interior designer. Over the past few years we have learnt that the
combination of our designs in terms of architectural basics and interior finishes
brings so much more than just a perfect building combined with just a perfect
interior. It feels really good for both
of us, but it is sometimes hard to put the ‘vibe’ experience into words. That is why we decided to create the
Kabaz inspiration studio and show future clients and the
world the magic we make happen together.

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