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2016 Interview with Birgit Otte, Interior Designer

When and how did you start up Birgit Otte Interior in Wolfersdorf near Munich?
I moved to “Schloß Wolffersdorff” almost three years ago. The owner of “Schloss Inkofen”,the old castle I used to live in, wanted to move in with his own family so every weekend I was driving around the area in my car looking for a new Showroom-Castle. I fell in love with “Schloss Wolffersdorff” and its huge garden at first sight. Actually I started my first company “Otte´s Interieur” in Munich in 1997 and I have had several shops in Munich.

What is it like to have a showroom in a castle, the beautiful “Jagdschloss Wolffersdorff”?
I love my garden and I am very proud of the “Hortensienfest” in early summer every year. All of my Munich clients and neighbours are thrilled by the beauty of my hydrangeas. Decorating a castle and combining the rustic hunting atmosphere with modern elements is a huge challenge. The open floor plan enables me to show all kind of furniture, while living and having a showroom in a castle is the only possibility to show all of my fabrics, more than 4.000. I am also absolutely passionate about huge lamps and chandeliers. The castle gives me the possibility to show my favourite pieces in the large living hall. The open hall is almost nine meter high and very impressive. Apart from my fabric collection my Dog-Family needs a lot of space. Watching these Harlekin Great Danes running and playing in the garden is wonderful!

Can you describe what is characteristic or typical about a “Signature Birgit Otte Interior Design”?
Most characteristic about my work is to realize specific wishes and living dreams of my clients. We all have special habits and perceptions in our everyday life and, of course, different needs. The residential projects I design should be the perfect ‘addition’ to their everyday life. I want my clients to feel absolutely comfortable in their wonderful homes. When it comes to decoration and fabrics I would describe my style as abundant and decorative. I love luxury and coloured fabrics and materials; but I also do a more quiet design with calm and elegant colours like beige, brown or greige. So I would say that the selection and combination of fabrics and the type of decoration is what I am known for.

Which interior design project has been your favourite so far and why?
A while ago , I put all my energy, commitment and love into the “Villa Opitzstrasse” project. For this villa, Baccarat designed and manufactured the largest chandelier ever manufactured for a European residential project in Europe.
Another challenging project was the design and decoration of a villa in Kitzbühel, Austria, merely because of its size of more than 2000 sqm, covering 5 floors.
Most impressive has been last year’s renovation of a small former fisherman’s house on a private island close to Venice, in Italy. Building a historic terrazzo floor has been quite a challenge taking care of every detail without speaking Italian. It was an extraordinary experience bringing piece by piece in a small boat, including every single flower. Currently we are working on a villa in Hamburg, which is the most beautiful historic house I have ever seen.

What is your dream interior project like?
I always dreamed of decorating a castle including different garden areas, orangerie, guesthouses, park and poolhouse.

What makes the Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury concept so distinctive?
Eric’s furniture and fabric collections transfers elegance, modernity, beauty, chic, coolness and sexy all in one. For me personally the Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury is the only collection that communicates all these emotions. The beauty of his wonderful fabrics and furniture: classy, warm, gentle…and of course elegant! All these qualities run like a thread through every single piece of the collections.

Which product in particular do you find interesting for your clients, when it comes to the Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury Collections?
What can I say! First of all I love the fabric collections. You can combine them easily and they always create a warm and very elegant aura. When it comes to furniture the ”Viceroy-Armchair” is my personal favourite piece of all times. I work, eat and simply live in this armchair. Many hours, every day! Simply wonderful!

Would you have a personal message to Eric?
Eric, I really don’t know how you found me on that special day in my castle in Wolfersdorf. But it was one of your best ideas. And I am looking forward to beautiful upcoming projects. Thank you, Eric.

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