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2018 Interview with Øystein Hovland - Angleterre Interiør Oslo 

Please tell us about yesterday’s press launch and the way Eric Kuster and his collections have been received
The press launch went incredibly well and the collections were very well received by everyone who attended. We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm for the EKML pieces, which are very glamorous and sexy. We’ve had similar products before, but nothing so edgy, substantial in size and quality. The collections have such a sharp concept and you can see Eric’s style and personality in every detail. Everything is so well organised with strong meaning behind every piece.


When was Angleterre founded?
Angleterre was founded in 2015 by the four partners and we all run it together. We bring a lot of experience from working with lots of other interiors companies in Oslo. We really know the interior design business inside out.


Tell me a bit about Angleterre? What you do. What kind of agent you are.
Most of the projects we work on are private residences; apartments and houses in the city, as well as chalets in the mountains and summerhouses by the sea. We are focused on luxury, high-end interiors and the brands in our showroom reflect that. They are all very high quality.


What distinguishes Angleterre from other agents?
When we launched Angleterre, we wanted to offer customers in Oslo something different from everywhere else. We’d become a bit bored of the Scandinavian style and wanted to do more with colour, texture, drapery and offer rich, soft furnishings with continental flair. We work with several suppliers to offer a unique interior design signature that is apart from our competitors.


Why did Angleterre choose to represent Eric Kuster Metropolitan Luxury?
We like the way that we are able to take Eric’s signature pieces and add to them through our own careful and considered curation. His concepts are so strong that they can handle this and be adapted to fit perfectly within clients’ homes.


What are the roles of the 4 owners of the company?
We all collaborate to offer clients the best possible service. We all serve clients in the showroom and private client area, depending on what they need. We’re all interior designers, but have different skills and experience.
Rudolf is our head decorator, I’m a designer and CEO, Ingvild is our customer adviser, and Kinne is a designer and shop manager.

We always achieve better results if we love what we do. What do you love most about interior design?
I always loved interiors. I used to draw plants for the house with my crayons as a child and then as I grew up I continued to be interested in rooms and always had an opinion on how they should look and be organised.

Interior design is something that people have to live with for long periods, sometimes even lifetimes. How do you ensure that your clients get the best from a concept and the pieces within it?
I try to differentiate between what they say they love and then what they say that they want, while also balancing the preferences of each party. For example, a client might say, “I’m a maximalist, but my partner is a minimalist” and someone else will say, “I like that red sofa, but I’m too scared to have it”. Then it’s about trying to understand what’s going to work. We have to really get to know the client and act a bit like a psychologist to find out what will really make them happy.


In what ways do you keep current with new trends? What trends are you seeing emerge right now?
We try not to be trendy, but sometimes it’s impossible with colours and other elements. We’d rather make interiors that are timeless; long lasting, comfortable concepts. Clients come to us because they want something different, away from the mainstream. They want to stand out with our bespoke interior design concepts and furniture. For example, we will suggest Eric’s St Martins Lane Lounger, but in a bold and original textile choice. In this way, everything is always unique and never mainstream.


Do you have a favourite project or a favourite story about one of your projects? And if you had to pick a project around the world that you wish it you had worked on, what would it be?
There have been so many projects that we’ve loved working on. We’ve been working on one project for a couple of years now. The client has expanded their home substantially and we’ve had strong opinions about how everything should be throughout.
We’ve also worked on some embassies, which is always exciting. For example, the Iraqi Embassy in Oslo for which we took inspiration from Iraqi culture and also continental Europe. It wasn’t very Nordic at all, which made it truly unique and the end result was stunning. We mostly do residential, but it’s also really fun to do hospitality. Dream projects would be to fully refurbish the Hotel Ritz in Paris, design a private jet, or deck out a beautiful historic building. 

Angleterre Interiør AS
Riddervolds gate 10b
0258 Oslo
T+ 47 21 944 001

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